Joe's Doghouse Grill

About The Grill

Over the years our on site grill has changed quite significantly in order for us to provide you with the absolute best service possibly. Our current grill features a full service kitchen which allows for us to provide fresh and quality food to our customers. The grill is open Friday through Sunday, along with the rest of the flea market, and closes in the afternoon dependent upon the amount of foot traffic. Additionally, our hours and menu are dependent on demand rather than a fixed time.

Our Menu


Sandwich (Toast or Bun) – 1 Meat  
Meats: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Livermush, Balogna, Egg, Cheese
Sausage Biscuit  
Egg Sandwich  
Small Gravy (1 Biscuit)  
Small Gravy (2 Biscuits)  


Hot Dog 
Corn Dog 
Bologna Sandwich 
Lettuce & Tomato or Chili, Onions, & Slaw
Nachos & Cheese 
Extras: Cheese, Chili, Peppers